Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 On Tuesday

Tis the season.  As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach we are reminded to help others that are less fortunate.  It's something we should remember year round, but this weeks 10 On Tuesday is 10 Items Your Local Food Pantry Can Use.   Now I will be the first to say that we don't donate as often as we can.  We did think of them a couple of weeks ago after the hurricane when we lost our electricity.  We were one day away from throwing our food out, and my husband refused.  He vowed if our power didn't return he was going to empty the meat in the freezer (and any of you who know my husband, knows there was definitely  a lot of meat in there), have the towns largest barbecue and donate it to the local soup kitchen.  We never had to do it, but it reminded me that we do need to donate.  And here is a list of what they might like.

1.  Soup.  With the cold weather there is nothing better than some soup to warm you up.
2.  Nuts.  Canned are great. It's a good source of protein too.
3.  Canned Veggies.  Not quite as good as fresh, but it works.
4.  Rice.  Brown is best, but white works well too.
5.  Oatmeal.  Very filling.
6.  Pasta.  I know I can't live without it.
7.  Tuna.  Again, more protein.  And healthy too.
8.  Bisquick.  So versatile.
9.  Pet food.  Can't forget those little guys.
10.  Money.  It's always welcome and sometimes easier to give.

Most of all, when donating, watch the expiration dates.  Don't give anything you wouldn't want to eat yourself.


Carole Knits said...

Your best advice: don't give anything you wouldn't eat yourself! I am amazed sometimes at the crap people want to give us. Thank you for what you're doing!

Kym said...

Great list! I know our food pantry is always stressing that they need foods with protein. Such good ideas.

Patty said...

Nuts! What a great idea!


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