Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soooo.... What Did Ya Get???

So all this talk of fiber festivals and I don't think I have shown you any of the goodies I got.  I must admit, I used restraint and while I definitely bought more than last year I wasn't too indulgent.  I am having a hard time looking at all that hand spun I have in my stash these days.  If I get a chance this weekend I will get the bag out and inventory it all on Ravelry.  Onto the new stuff....

Besides some cables for my Knit Picks needles (speaking of Knit Picks, have you seen the latest catalog?  They have some amazing patterns, sock yarn and even batts by Hanks in the Hood.... I was very tempted impressed) I only bought this in NH:
I just love the packaging
I bought two of them.  I think I will spin each one and ply them together to try and keep the colors together.

I was a bit more indulgent at RI.  Let me preface this with saying that I only bought from vendors in our guild and it felt great to support them.

I got this from Renae at Terra Bella Spun.  Correction - my wonderful friend Lisa got this for me for my birthday.
Look at that batt!  It's a mixture of merino, bamboo,silk and angelina.  I saw the colors and fell in love with it.  I am thinking about plying it with this
This was a gift  (also from Terra Bella) from my awesome friend Glenda (do I have the best friends or what?  And how nice of my mom to give birth to me right in the middle of sheep and wool season?  That woman - she has vision).

I usually don't buy yarn but I could not resist this.
It's from another guild buddy at June Pryce Fiber.  She has some gorgeous fiber on her site.  I had to take a couple of pictures to show all the colors in this skein.
It's dk weight and right now it's saying "autumn shawl" to me, but we will wait and see.

And let's a hear a round of applause for our friend the sun, who, had it not decided to make a cameo appearance this evening would have made this a boring blog post today.  Let's hope that yellow ball sticks around for a few days.  We have some important things happening around here that would be much better without rain.


Gale NoName said...

oooo. Those are pretty.

Carole Knits said...

You got great stuff and supporting local vendors is so important. I cracked up at your comment about your mom and her vision for your future!


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