Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How's Those Goals?

Well, it's been a few months - shall we take a peek at the list of goals I wanted to accomplish this year?  I think that by checking in on my list once in a while I can either check items off my list, modify it, or simply get real and remove the goal entirely

1.  Keep schedules better. I think what I struggle with the most in this area is sticking to one system.  While I love to keep everything in my phone I still LOVE writing lists and seeing everything laid out in front of me (maybe it's my middle age eyesight that likes it better).  I'm still keeping my schedule in my phone, but my current calendar system (Pocket Informant) has stopped giving me alarms with the last update :-(.  So I think we need to come up with a better calendar system.

2.  Take more pictures with my camera.  It doesn't look like it on the blog lately, but I have been utilizing my camera a lot more than I had been.  I still take a bunch of photos with my Iphone.  Are any of you on Instagram?  Another addiction I tell ya.  If you are, come find me - of course, I'm Knit1Spin2 on there.  It has made me want a new phone desperately that takes better pictures than my current dinosaur Iphone.

3.  Read more.  There is always room for improvement here, but I am reading more now than I have in years.

4.  Knit my sock yarn stash.  A big win here.  I think I have knit about 5 skeins of my sock yarn stash into something and I'm happy with that.  I seem to be stuck on what to use the yarn above for.  It's kinda funky - lots of white with random colors spread throughout.   I really haven't  bought any yarn since January (can't say the same about fiber though - hey, a girls gotta have SOME fun, right?)

5.  Card and spin my fleece. I haven't done much since last time.  I did spin a bit, but carding is bothering my hands.  I'm considering just sending the rest out to be processed.  It's already washed so it only has to be carded.  I'll be deciding on this in the next month or so.

6.  Publish one of my patterns. I haven't worked on anything new.  The creativity just isn't there lately.  I'm lucky to just get some knitting time at all these days.

7.  Explore the vegetarian lifestyle.  While I eat far less meat than I did, I am far from a vegetarian.  I am embarking on some new healthy endeavors that I am very excited about but that requires a post of it's own.

8.  Take country line dancing. Didn't happen.  This may come off the list and be replaced with something else.

9.  A place for everything.  All I have accomplished in this area is frustration.  I can't control what the rest of the family does, and I refuse to be a screaming shrew in the name or organization.  I am working on my own little happy place and I will probably have a post on this sometime soon.

10.  Change up the blog. Nothing new here.  I need hubby's help with this and he has been busy working (thank you God) a lot of hours, so it will have to wait.


Gale NoName said...

A reasonable rate of progress on the goals. The list was ambitious to begin with, but it's great to hear you have embraced the whole idea.

Carole Knits said...

Taking stock of our goals is so important and I've been thinking about posting on this topic, too. Good for you for evaluating and reevaluating!

steph said...

I just so impressed that you made a goals list!!!! And have some checks!!! Way to go, girl!
Had to giggle.....dinosaur Iphone? That's an oxymoron around here... (you should see my dinosaur; it's not a bagphone, but almost!!! I REALLY REALLY need a new phone!!!)
Lovely yarn, but like, you, not sure it's screaming out what it wants to be. Maybe bowl art for now.

calicokitty6 said...

You're doing good so far. As I told myself, small accomplishments add up to big improvements after a while. Keep at it. :)

Mary said...

progress is progress - and you're doing great! I'm learning a lot this year about being flexible with my goals - what seemed important a few months ago, now? not so much. and that's ok! (and I totally hear you about a new iphone - I can't believe how great that camera is!!)

Libby said...

What a great idea to check up with your goals - after all we are a 1/3 way through the year. I'm going to revisit mine as well.
Looks to me like you're doing really well. You should be very pleased with yourself.

Sarah said...

My friend Erin told me:
Small goals seen to fruition over long amounts of time = progress.

It looks like you are headed in the right direction. Good luck with anything.

And next time you are going to go line dancing, give me a holler, I've always wanted to try it!

Sarah said...

PS I LOVE that yarn, and can't wait to see what you do with it!


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