Monday, April 16, 2012


listening - birds chirping

eating - nothing yet - Nicole is making biscuits right now

drinking - nada - it's too early to think about coffee yet (I know - I'm not normal).  We did enjoy some iced tea mixed with fruit punch this past weekend pictured above

wearing - black pants black tank top & jacket

weather - sunny - it's supposed to be in the 80's today

knitting - I picked up Multnomah 3 this weekend but got frustrated so now it's becoming something else after I frogged it back a bit

wanting - to stay home today and enjoy this beautiful weather.

needing - to stay healthy and not get Nicole's cold or my trip this week could be a bummer

enjoying - listening to the kids talk about what they are doing on the day off today (yeah - I'm jealous of the little buggers.  Nicole does have to work today from 8-2 but is free after that).  

looking forward - having some quality time with my aunt this week\

wondering - if I will actually accomplish this long Toodle Do list before I leave Wednesday night


suzanne said...

Donna ~ enjoy your trip

Thanks for popping by...

Warm regards

Jen said...

That iced tea mix looks delicious!! I'm casting on for ankle socks today (I know, I know in this 80 degree + weather!) using the "recipe" that your daughter used. Good luck with the to do list!

Mary said...

safe travels! (and when did april 15 get to be a holiday?!)

cpcable said...

I love listening to the birds chirp. We have a screened-in porch and I'm looking forward to it getting a bit warmer so that we can sit out there and enjoy the sounds of nature. :)


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