Monday, April 9, 2012


listening - My phone alerting me to new text messages

eating - nothing yet - going to have a bagel soon though

drinking - iced french vanilla coffee

wearing - black pants & purple hand knit sweater

weather - sunny but windy.  I'm wondering if wearing this sweater was a good idea since it's supposed to be in the 60s today

knitting - not much as I'm deciding what to do with Elowen and it's messed up stitch count 

wanting - to twitch my nose and have Elowen fixed without  me having to rip anything out

needing - to finish cleaning up after Easter yesterday

enjoying - the seeds I planted have all sprouted and are thriving inside

looking forward - to complete a few looming projects hanging over me at work

wondering - if those thriving plants will stay alive long enough to be planted outside.  We still have a good month before our last frost so they can't be planted outside just yet.  I'm hoping they don't get too big in the next couple of weeks.  


cpcable said...

If only the nose twitching worked! How many knitting frustrations could be avoided? ;)

Mary said...

hoping you've figured out elowen. and if not, advise to set aside, pick up something new, and move forward! (p.s. LOVE the speckled egg!!)


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